Study Groups

1pm – 2nd Wednesdays
Group Leader: Sherri Leininger 419-382-1836

Evening Bridge
7pm – 1st and 3rd  Wednesdays
Group Leader: Nancy Ibarra 419-824-0592

Partner Bridge
Call for info
Group Leader: Marge Lee 419-537-8984

Dining for Women
12 noon – 3rd Thursdays
Group Leader: Shelley Kotz 419-536-1898
Heatherdowns Library
Art Museum Gallery Group
1:00 pm – 3rd Tuesdays
Group Leader: Carol Norton 419-893-7266
Toledo Museum of Art
Grove Street Entrance Lobby

Arts and Antiques
1:00 pm – 3rd Wednesdays
Group Leader: Jane Rayman 419-882-2224
Meeting place rotates at the following homes

12:45 pm – 1st Wednesdays
Group Leader: Darla Culberson 419-531-0412
Great Books
1:00 pm – 2nd Tuesdays
Group Leader: Virginia Clifford 419-382-4583

Literature B
12:30 pm – 4th Thursdays
Group Leader: Mikki Welker 419-385-2338
3319 Carigmoor
Literature L
12:30 – 4th Thursdays
Group Leader: Mikki Breese 419-882-0263