2017 Wemmer Scholarship Recipents

A Record 8 UT Students Awarded Scholarships

The Wemmer Scholarship Committee is charged with interviewing students, sometimes over 20, and the tough task of picking just four.  Well this year the quality of the candidates proved too tough.  The solution?  Six young women were chosen.:

McKenna Hunter, Doctorate prgm,  Physical Therapy
Alison Mejias Santoro, Masters prgm of Education & Art
Rachel Elizabeth Hanna, Undergrad Social Work & Philosophy
Moriah Kay Muscaro, Doctorate prgm, Medicine Brooke E. Mason, Masters prgm, Civil Engineering
Kelsey Dietrick, Masters prgm, Speech-Language Pathology

Last years Marge Lee STEAM Scholarship awardee withdrew after changing majors away from a STEM program.  The solution? Award Two:
Linnea Vicari, Undergrad, Biology, Ecology, Organismal Science
Celine Schreidah,  Undergrad, Biochemistry