About us

If you’re looking for mentorship, connections, networking, and a lot of resources, you’ve come to the right place. 

Who We Are

AAUW fights to remove barriers and biases that stand in the way of gender equity. We’ve led the fight for fair pay and economic opportunity for women. We train women to negotiate for pay and benefits and to pursue leadership roles. And we advocate for federal, state and local laws and policies to ensure equity and end discrimination. 

How We Work

AAUW advances gender equity through research, education and advocacy. We’re an organization of folks who like to do their homework. We get the facts and data on an issue and use that to propose informed solutions to problems women face in education, the workplace, and in economic equity. We spread the word in the community, to our members, and advocate for policy and laws to level the playing field. 

What We Do

We partner with community organizations, local and state legislators, and university groups. We share our findings, host panels with local experts, politicians and candidate forums. We train women on salary negotiation, host book clubs, panels on  reproductive rights, economic security, equal pay, and women in leadership. We have monthly groups that discuss public policy to learn those first steps to getting involved. 

Who We Work With

We closely follow legislation surrounding reproductive rights, Title IX, paycheck fairness, and anything that impacts intersectional women. We partner with organizations and elected officials who advocate for reproductive healthcare access, LGBTQ+ rights, workplace equity and any policies that will eliminate discrimination against marginalized communities. 

Here are some of the organizations we’ve worked with in the past few years: 

  • Women of Toledo
  • Planned Parenthood of Northwest Ohio
  • Toledo City Council
  • The Eberly Center for Women at the University of Toledo
  • The Ability Center
  • League of Women Voters 
  • Fair Districts
  • Ohio Voice
  • Council Member Nick Komives
  • State Representative Lisa Sobecki
  • Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
  • URGE Ohio
  • Our Voices Together