2015 Wemmer Recipients

Announcing the 2015 Wemmer Scholarship Recipients

2015 WemmerWinners

2015 University of Toledo Exceptional Students Clockwise from top left
Khalie Frisch
2nd year Graduate, BS Nursing Andrea Tsatalis
Junior, Biology, Pre-Dental Jessica Schulte
2nd year Graduate, Medicine-Life Science, Public Health Abigail Wegert
2nd year Graduate, Nursing Family Medicine

2015 Scholarship Recipients Chosen

Wemmer Scholarship Committee Chair Carol Leupp announces the following U.T. women as winners of the 2015 scholarships: Khalie Frisch , 2nd year Graduate, BS Nursing; Andrea Tsatalis Junior, Biology, Pre-Dental: Jessica Schulte,2nd year Graduate, Medicine-Life Science, Public Health;  Abigail Wegert 2nd year Graduate, Nursing Family Medicine.

Each woman will receive $3000 for the coming school year. The committee also chose two alternates and requested that branch members consider donating to Wemmer, to reward more such excellent scholars.